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Written by Terry Thone on Sunday, 16 January 2011 21:43   

1)1 day per week run Malwarebytes(Red Box with white M), Windows Updates and Avira(Red Umbrella) Virus Scan.

2)Start Malwarebytes and click the update tab

3)Click the "Check for Updates" button

4)If there is a update available download it

5)Click the Scan tab and choose the Full Scan radio button

6)Click the Scan button and let run.(will take some time)

7)Remove/Quarantine any objects found

8)You may need to reboot PC to get rid of some objects!  It will state this to you if needed.

9)Start Windows Update - Start then all programs then windows update

10)Click on Search for Updates button or there will be a button to install immediately


12)By the clock there should be a red umbrella, you may have to click on the up arrow by the time which is the show hidden icons arrow

13)Right click on the red umbrella and left click the start antivir

14)To the right of "Last complete system scan" there is a "Scan system now" text button

15)Left click and let the scan run.  It will take some time.

16)Remove any thing that is found

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