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Computer Repair / PC Optimization

In home/on-site PC Repair if desired.  I am a  A+ certified technician and have a Microsoft Certified Professional license.

With over 20 years of PC repair experience, Thone PC can  diagnose whatever ails your PC.  Specializing in computer repair, PC Spyware removal, Malware and Virus removal, computer optimization,  Computer setup, Windows installation and repair. XP (all), Vista and Windows 7.


Once the malicious software is removed we will show you how to keep those pesky programs off of your PC.  Ask the other guys if they will show you how to keep viruses and spyware off of your PC!  Most "Gurus" want to come back every 3 to 6 months and get a re-occuring income!


Many of my customers have computers that are 4 to 6 years old and often ask if they should buy a new PC or fix the old one.  I will give you an honest and professional consultation.  Computers are much like cars and it really does matter what condition your PC is in and what processor, motherboard, power supply and other various components you have installed. It also matters what you are doing with your computer.


Being well  informed will help you decide wether or not to  fix up your existing computer or buy a new one.  Many times people are throwing $ out the window  to fix up a PC that is old and broken!  In these cases the only one that profits is the "Guru" that is doing the repair!