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Prevention is faster, easier and cheaper than repair

To ensure that you get the longest life and best use from your equipment, Thone PC will set up a schedule of visits to perform the following vital services to your computer(s):


  • Complete cleaning and dust removal, inside & out
    Dust can insulate electronic parts, trapping heat and causing those parts to fail prematurely.
  • Cooling fan checkup and cleaning (all internal fans)
    When properly cooled, a computer processor can run at more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit.  Without  cooling, it can literally burn up in a matter of seconds.

Software & Security:

  • Install all appropriate updates & patches
  • Verify antivirus & antispyware operations with updates as needed
  • Verify existing data backup and install backup if needed
  • Remove adware & spyware and show you how to keep them off
  • Delete all temporary files & cookies