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Written by Dirk Thone   
Sunday, 10 August 2008 23:13

Call Sony: 239-768-7646 and ask for National Customer Service. 

Make sure that you get and record the reference # from customer service.

file a complaint on the XAV-701HD not having an option for the XA-NV100T. 

Inform them that you will contact the Better Business Bureau and your states Attorney General over this fraudulent deception.

Following is the information that I gave to the Better Business Bureau when I filed.

If you do decide to file with the BBB then Please put the following information into your own words!


A purchase of a closeout item on December 18th occurred of a Sony Mobile radio with navigation. The model # is XAV-701HD. Soon after the model was introduced the corresponding navigation unit was discontinued. The model # is XA-NV100T and from what information that can be found and correspondence with Sony the optional navigation unit was not available anywhere for purchase. The flagship mobile unit is still for sale on the Sony website for $699 and states nothing about the fact that the optional navigation unit is not available. After contacting National Customer Service numerous times they stated that they were the highest level for support and that I could not talk to anyone higher than them to find a resolution. Their contact phone # is 239-768-7646. I rec'd a case # of E59****** from Sony. I contacted them 2 weeks after purchasing the unit and they stated that they would not give me a refund as I purchased the unit through someone else besides Sony even though their policy is a refund after 30 days. Numerous other people have also experienced the same issue and the frustration with Sony selling a flagship head unit without the ability to use the navigation as displayed on Sony's own forum which can be viewed at

Resolution requested:

Sony has the newer model which is the XAV-712HD and corresponding navigation unit which is the XA-NV300T. This navigation unit is not backwards compatible with the XAV-701HD. With the hours spent attempting to resolve this issue with Sony, I am requesting that the 701 unit be exchanged for the 712 and the corresponding XA-NV300T unit be sent also for the fraudulence that Sony has perpetrated and been unwilling to resolve in an equitable manner.

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